In designing a chair, one has to take ergonomics, aesthetics and stability into account. For Pi3, I looked to a very strong geometrical shape; the cylinder, to try something else than the usual square. From there I started carving out the aluminum until I found stability and a pleasing aesthetic form. Then I shaped the cork until I found comfort, and by giving the chair a slight conic shape, smaller at the top, bigger at the bottom, the chair was made stackable and stable. To make sure that Pi3 is durable and practical in all situations, the aluminum has been anodized, which keeps the chair free of scratches, and under the seat, the chair has hinges, so it can get linked together in rows.

Materials: anodized aluminum, cork

Design: Christoph Steiger

New Orleans


New Orleans came out of a fascination with wooden benches in old trains. The wear and tear of everyday life gives a lot of character to a piece of furniture. It was the vision to bring this poetry of the used and useful into a living room. New Orleans is designed to be both elegant and useful. It has an in-built side table and bar shelf. The backrest can be flipped down to serve as a bed, and the hand-felted cushions are designed so they can function as a mattress.

Materials: oak, metal, felt

Design: Christoph Steiger



The inspiration for Louise came from an old copper plate found at a junkyard. It had the most beautiful, eroded pattern. In time the doors of Louise will get similar patterns and look more and more like a painting. The cabinet of Louise has been kept simple to serve as a frame for the more complex doors. The doors have been folded to include hinges and handles and to stabilize the metal all in one. Louise is a piece that will only get prettier in time.

Materials: brass, walnut or copper, spruce.

Design: Christoph Steiger



Objects from childhood always seem smaller when you look at them as an adult. WE is a building block, which has grown with you. It is a multifunctional, playful building block for the living room. It can be used as a stool, foot stool, a magazine holder or a table. Depending on how you place the block, it will either spell the letter W or E.

Material: cork

Design: Christoph Steiger


Other designs

Remember Elephants

I am fascinated with the block shape of an elephant and how it is possible to reduce it to its bare minimum, while still being recognizable and keeping its zen-like energy, moving slowly and patiently forward. The use of cork instead of wood as material makes the sculptures homogenous and hence calmer and even makes them suitable as robust toys for children. A herd of Remember elephants will bring calmness and a sense of community and purpose to a room.

Materials: cork

Design: Christoph Steiger



The idea for Won came out of playing with materials of opposite qualities. I wanted to find a shape and a purpose where they needed each other’s strengths in order to succeed. The wood now gives stability to the metal, and the metal gives flexibility to the wood. Together they hold themselves up effortlessly in the beautiful geometrical figure. Won is a decorative fruit bowl, which comes in different sizes.

Materials: metal, walnut

Design: Christoph Steiger



Split was an investigation into working with wood on its own terms. Wood cracks when it dries and creates a split from the heart of the wood to the edge. The split is the feature of Split. Unrestrained light will shine out of the split and give life to the room. Split is a modest, yet spectacular hanging sculpture, which will bring warmth and atmosphere over a dining table or a seating area.

Materials: lime wood, metal, glass

Design: Christoph Steiger



Tuk is an aesthetic solution to hanging up posters. No pins or tape will ruin the paper. In a subtle way Tuk complements the artwork.

Material: walnut, brass

Design: Christoph Steiger




The Company

Güterstrasse is a design company, which favours poetic ideas for functional furniture.

The Designer

Christoph Steiger, doesn’t consider himself an artist nor an engineer, but he falls somewhere in between, working with aesthetics as much as the mechanics of the best possible constructions. Christoph Steiger’s designs, his ideas and inspirations come out of his background as a furniture carpenter and wood carver in Switzerland, and from studying design in Scandinavia.


Design fairs

Ventura Lambrate, Italy 12-17 April 2016

SBODIO32, Italy 12-17 April 2016

Venice Design Week, Italy 1-9 Oktober 2016

Design Week Turkey, Turkey 19-23 Oktober 2016

Potentiale Feldkirch, Austria 11-13 November 2016

Design Schenken, Schweiz 2-4 December 2016

Salone Satellite, Italy 4-9 April 2017




Christoph Steiger

Bundesstrasse 21
6003 Luzern

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