Other designs

Remember Elephants

I am fascinated with the block shape of an elephant and how it is possible to reduce it to its bare minimum, while still being recognizable and keeping its zen-like energy, moving slowly and patiently forward. The use of cork instead of wood as material makes the sculptures homogenous and hence calmer and even makes them suitable as robust toys for children. A herd of Remember elephants will bring calmness and a sense of community and purpose to a room.

Materials: cork

Design: Christoph Steiger



The idea for Won came out of playing with materials of opposite qualities. I wanted to find a shape and a purpose where they needed each other’s strengths in order to succeed. The wood now gives stability to the metal, and the metal gives flexibility to the wood. Together they hold themselves up effortlessly in the beautiful geometrical figure. Won is a decorative fruit bowl, which comes in different sizes.

Materials: metal, walnut

Design: Christoph Steiger



Split was an investigation into working with wood on its own terms. Wood cracks when it dries and creates a split from the heart of the wood to the edge. The split is the feature of Split. Unrestrained light will shine out of the split and give life to the room. Split is a modest, yet spectacular hanging sculpture, which will bring warmth and atmosphere over a dining table or a seating area.

Materials: lime wood, metal, glass

Design: Christoph Steiger



Tuk is an aesthetic solution to hanging up posters. No pins or tape will ruin the paper. In a subtle way Tuk complements the artwork.

Material: walnut, brass

Design: Christoph Steiger